Virtual Visits

In an effort to better serve patients during COVID-19, we are offering virtual dental care from the safety and comfort of your home.

If you believe you have an urgent dental issue or dental concern, we are able to offer virtual dental screenings to provide dental care, consultations, treatment, follow-up care, and education via telecommunications.

All you need is a mobile device such as a phone or tablet or a computer with video chat capabilities.  

What can be done with virtual dental care?

  • Assessment - Virtual dental care can be used for dental assessments with photos and videos taken by you, and/or through the existing dental records we have for you. Reaching a preliminary diagnosis about what’s happening in your mouth starts with a discussion. You tell us what you’re feeling,  we ask you questions, we see you on the video, and then we can discuss different possibilities and outcomes.  If dental treatment is required, we will schedule your visit to our office as quickly as possible. We will have you back to your smiling self in no time!

  • Pain Relief Recommendations - We will provide pain relief recommendations that can help you feel better immediately. Should a patient need antibiotics to treat an abscess, a prescription can be provided remotely instead of sending the patient to their regular doctor. This helps to alleviate the condition until a physical appointment is made with us for treatment. This also helps to eliminate the need for an emergency visit to a medical doctor or hospital that is overwhelmed at this time.

  • Supervision - Virtual dental care is also an effective way for us to monitor your progress with ongoing dental treatment. 

If you would like to schedule a virtual dental visit, please call our office and schedule a virtual visit today at (317) 422-5172.

Virtual Waiting Room Check-in

Already scheduled a virtual visit and ready to check in to our virtual waiting room? Click here.